World's Greatest Cooler Floor!

First Choice Safety Flooring™ is the perfect solution for commercial kitchens, coolers, and freezers - anything needing protection against wear, impact, abrasion or contaminants/ corrosives, such as salt, acids, alkalis, oils, fats, and common spillage. Wood... Metal... Concrete... First Choice Safety Flooring™ protects them all!


Coolers / Freezers

Over the past 7 years, B & H Commercial Services, Inc. has evaluated hundreds Cooler/Freezer units in 45 states experiencing a wide range of problems with their floors. Our research and development team has reviewed each unit manufactured, assessed the different problems which occur and determined the best way to permanently repair these floors at the lowest possible cost to the customer. The physical properties displayed by the product make First Choice Safety Flooring™ well suited to the controlled temperature environments of commercial Cooler/Freezer units. First Choice Safety Flooring™ maintains minimal deformation and elongation and provides a water/condensation proof barrier between material and surfaces behaving as an insulation product. Our references will attest to the performance of the First Choice Safety Flooring™ System as the most cost effective and viable solution to Cooler/Freezer issues experienced in the Commercial Kitchen market. We are pleased to offer this product for remodel and new Cooler/Freezer unit installation to our customers.The installation of First Choice Safety Flooring™ offers the following benefits: